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Know about Parkinson’s disease

Our body is the sum of its parts, and every part has its role and purpose including the brain. Our brain is the central command of our body that is telling them what to do. Through brain, we also communicate with our body because it translates what our body feels, thinks, and perceives. With a lot of tasks and responsibilities to do, our brain’s health is essential to our life. And parkinson’s disease is one of many conditions that affect our brain.

What is parkinson’s disease

As a disease it affects a particular part of nerve cells in the brain that produces dopamine. A molecule that affects mood, memory, attention, and many more. But the main thing that dopamine supports is our ability to move our body. And this disease will gradually get worse over time.

The cause

w4uvyby87If someone’s brain is failing or stopping and losing dopamine, it will lead to parkinson’s disease. However, the reason why the dopamine number is going lower is still unkown. Some might say that it’s genetic and other says that it’s caused by environmental factors, and it can be both. But what we know from the statistics so far is male has a 50% higher chance to catch this condition than female. This condition is also typically found in an older person for example 50 to 60 years old.


There are four main symptoms which are tremor or, stiff muscles, problem with balance and slow movement. Usually, the common first symptoms are trembling in arms or legs. Then as time goes by the condition of parkinson’s disease will show in our other aspects of movement like talking and swallowing for example. Sometimes when it gets worse those who are living with this condition will also find it hard to memorize, focus, or to the point where they experience Dementia. Which is a set of symptoms that include memory loss, thinking, problem solving issues, and a challenge to be social and to perform in daily life.


Currently, the cure for parkinson’s disease is not yet to exist. But with proper treatment, it is possible to continue living with it. And there is no one best way to treat every patient, but there one best way to treat each person. Since the disease can result in different symptoms for everyone, the treatment that they received should be customized according to what they experience. For some people, the treatment can focus on their ability to talk and walk and for others, they might focus on swallowing and dealing with digestive problems.

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